Identification and choice of adapted software and hardware solutions to access medical imaging and robotics solutions.

  1. For example, the innovative solution for the After Myocardial Infarct study for the heart center in Monaco, where we combined the smart OsiriX open source software for Dicom handling with iLife software suite and iPod plugged into a Macintosh (Mac Pro, Mac Book Pro and Cinema Display) and with traditional diagnosis tools (e.g. Siemens)..

  2. Taylored software can also be created (e.g. for data base management of pathological heart models), including Mac OS X compatible applications.


Dr. Ève Coste-Manière, Ph.D. 

leverages over 15 years of international academic research, clinical and industrial experience to provide dedicated consulting services to help clinical centers and industrial R&D departments shape and enhance their multidisciplinary research and development activities in medical robotics and imaging. These services aim at speeding the transfer of research solutions to clinical routines for the patients benefit.

The spectrum of available services spans from identification and analysis of clinical and scientific

themes to their effective realization in the Operating Room with tailored scientific communications.

Identification of clinical needs where computer science (medical imaging and robotics) provides clinical added benefit

  1. Identifications and analysis  of subsequent research and development themes

  1. Main scientific investigation themes include:

  2. - modelling of deformable organs,

  3. - planning of surgical gestures,

  4. - simulation of (robotics) surgery,

  5. - augmented reality,

  6. - safe and real time integration.

  1. Management of their implementation through well-targeted multidisciplinary research teams, including the leadership and guidance of medical and computer science research and industrial teams.

Clinical workflows analysis and formalization for surgical procedures in different clinical fields

with clinical experience in cardiac surgery, urology, GI surgery, ENT, neurosurgery.

The illustration depicts the integrated workflow of a Cardio Navigation designed for augmented reality in a cardiac robotically-assisted coronary bypass graft.

Elaboration of ethical clinical validations protocols prior to product launch

  1. From prototype and validation trials to product launch, enforcing industrial constraints in an international environment.

  1. Intellectual property management through patenting & transfer

  1. From plastic phantoms to clinical trials and subsequent trials (e.g.Cardio Navigation with port planning and augmented reality for coronary bypass with the da vinci system, world premiere (Annals of Thoracic Surgery 2005)).

Consulting Services


Intra operative

Scientific and clinical marketing of results in the medical and scientific world

  1. well-targeted international scientific and clinical journal article writing and publications (e.g., Annals of Thoracic Surgery, IEEE transactions)

  2. taylored scientific & clinical communication (e.g. in 2006 launching and editing of a monthly newsletter for the Centre Cardio-Thoracique de Monaco “Le cahier du CCM”.

An active participation through reviews and expertise missions in the scientific and clinical communities guarantees a good knowledge of the domains state of the art.

Clinical database design, implementation and analysis

such as the  After Myocardial Infarct Evolution Study currently coordinated for the Monaco Heart Center.

United States Patents   #20030109780